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Sports Double-sided for Matches Competition Reversible Running Training Club Team Company College School

39.95 zł

32.48 zł tax excl.

Size : XXL
  • XXS
  • XS
  • S
  • M
  • L
  • XL
  • XXL
Double-sided T-shirt : Red-Green
  • White and Red
  • Black and Yellow
  • Red-Green
  • Blue and White
  • Blue-Red
  • Orange-Green
  • Orange and Black
  • Pink and Black
  • Green and Blue
  • Yellow - Blue
  • Yellow-Pink
  • White and Gray

Quantity Unit price You Save
30 36.95 zł 90.00 zł


Sports shirts and vests

Want a simple and effective way to promote and differentiate your sports team?

Invest in top quality sports jerseys and give your team a professional image!

By purchasing our products you will guarantee your club recognition and favor with sponsors!

How is this possible?

Our T-shirts are an excellent medium used to advertise companies, sports clubs, schools, teams and competitions. They are also a unique, original element for building a good image of a sponsor or organization.

SportsBibs T-shirts work wonderfully at matches, sports competitions, events, family picnics, group outings and training sessions.

They are an excellent element for generating positive associations, emotions and building loyalty on the customer (fan) - product line.

Do you want to create a positive image of your company in the eyes of customers?

Do you want your brand to win the trust of more consumers and be perceived as responsible and friendly to the environment?

Do you want to solidify your own brand name, logo and message in the minds of your audience?

Don't delay!

Reach for our products today and become a pioneer, creating a new, non-invasive, well-liked and socially acceptable form of advertising

Why we are the best?

  • SportsBibs double-sided sports jerseys significantly improve the organization of the game during sporting events, they also facilitate communication between players, which translates into efficiency and team performance.
  • The jerseys we produce are highly resistant to tugging and pulling, which happens very often on the football field.
  • They are air permeable, allowing the skin to breathe freely
  • .
  • They
  • do not soak up water and moisture, which is especially important when playing in adverse weather conditions.
  • The material used to make the jerseys is flexible. Changing players on the field?No problem!
  • Our marker can stretch by as much as 5 to 8 cm!
  • SportsBibs products provide the ultimate in wearing comfort and convenience, which is paramount on the sports field.
  • They are extremely lightweight and take up little space
  • .
  • This makes their transportation and storage comfortable.
  • The special mesh structure effectively dissipates heat and water, providing athletes with the highest comfort during the game.
  • The material does not absorb dirt and mud, so the jersey looks attractive regardless of weather conditions and situations on the field.

Available colors *

1. green-orange

2. red-white

3. yellow-pink

4. orange-black

5. steel-orange

6. brass - yellow

7. black - red

8. pink - green

* We will be happy to create a T-shirt in a custom color version of your choice.

Available sizes

Supporting table







large senior -XXL


over 100



over 180cm



senior - XL



over 75 kg

over 170cm


junior - M



50 - 65kg




junior - S


- 11 years




Kid - XS

4 - 7






toddler - XXS

2-3 years



Looking for a custom size t-shirt? We will create one for you!

Examples of custom sizes:

length: 70cm - XXL / height over 185cm

length: 80cm - XXXL / height over 195cm

length: 90cm - XXXXL /height over 200cm

Fabric: two layers, 100% polyester
Trim: black piping

XXL shirt can be sewn on the back.

Thank you for choosing us!

We will do our best to make our product meet your highest requirements.

We invite you to contact our consultant:


+48 698 343 555


+48 698 344 035


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